About Us

Who Are We?

The Coalition for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ) is an all-volunteer, non- profit, 501c3. We see ourselves as initiators and catalysts for various economic and social justice issues. Every dollar you send us goes for the basic cost of communications and operations, none for salaries.

Locally, in Belleville, IL, the county seat of St. Clair County, we are advocating for a winter shelter for homeless people. It is to be located in Belleville and serve St. Clair County.

To help: 1) petitions are available 2) an awareness event is scheduled for April 18, Noon, on the steps of the County Court House in Belleville. The event also will raise money for the Community Interfaith Food Pantry.

Belleville/St. Clair County : Re-vitalizing Belleville Transgender and Friends (BTFA) to support transgender people to obtain a birth certificate in the Illinois to reflect the appropriate gender without gender re-assignment surgery.

To help:

  1. Send money so we can have a table at the 9th annual Gay Pride event in Belleville on June 11.
  2. Volunteer to help prepare literature and help staff the table.

Nationally: We work with the National Jobs for All (NJFAC) to support full employment, living wage job for all who are able and willing to work. HR 1000 and HR 1966.

To help: Join us when we meet Congressional Representative for southern Illinois, Mike Bost on HR 1966. The meeting is not yet scheduled.

Contact Information:

Jesse Arms arms4justice@yahoo.com 618-719-1154

Brief History: The Campaign to Abolish Poverty, a grassroots organization, was formed in San Francisco in 1990. This group evolved into the Coalition for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ). Non-profit status was received in 2006.